The Theory of 5 Workbook

The Theory of 5 Workbook

The Companion Step-by-Step Exercise Book to The Theory of 5!

Chris Saraceno (With David Falkirk Davis)

Take the FIrst Steps on Your Journey to a Theory of 5 Life!

The Theory of 5 is based on the idea that, to live our best lives, we need people around us who will coach, challenge and support us in key areas of life. Since we are a reflection of those who we spend time with, we can take advantage of by purposefully surrounding ourselves with the best of the best.

Another facet of The Theory of 5, however, is that we need to be honest with our mentors and, even more importantly, ourselves. The Theory of 5 Workbook is designed to aid you into learning your truths, discovering the areas in life where you need to spend the most attention and providing a guide to living a Theory of 5 life.

The perfect companion to the best-selling The Theory of 5, the questions in this workbook will take you from being a passive reader to becoming an active participant. They are designed to not only give you a perspective of where you’ve been and how you’ve come to where you are today but to provide a vision of the future where all your dreams become your reality. The questions deal with the five different areas that have the biggest impact on our lives:

  • Religion/Spirituality
  • Marriage/Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Business and Finance
  • Health and Fitness


There are also questions that will help you develop the proper mindset to build your circle of mentors, co-mentors and role models, as well as questions dealing with the lessons of the mentors interviewed in The Theory of 5.

Give yourself the best possible start on your Theory of 5 journey by following along in The Theory of 5 Workbook. Go deeper so you can live a better life than you ever thought possible!

Price: $12.95 (print)/$3.99 (eBook)

Available in: Paperback, eBook