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The Joined World trilogy

Callie Cooper has learned the hard way to be wary of others, but her new roommate is in desperate need of a favor, she decides Margaret is worth the risk. 

She didn’t know that decision would land her in the middle of a war between demons and angels. 

The decisions she makes throws her into a world she never imagined existed, and one she might not survive.


The Death Effect
The Death Effect

When democracy gives way to corporatocracy, citizens become shareholders. Some people benefit from this new society while others fall by the wayside.

When new technology is developed that challenges the very nature of death, business, science and philosophy collide as a family seeks answers that only the dead can provide.


The Fast 40 Series
Fast 40 Series

There are big moments that change our lives, but the reality is that we’re shaped by the moment-to-moment interactions we have with others — and ourselves.

In the Fast 40 Series, flash fiction and photography combine to create something that reflects the simplicity and the power of our everyday lives.


The Theory of 5
Theory of 5 Cover with Phone

Non-Fiction – Chris Saraceno with David Falkirk Davis

The Theory of 5 is a philosophy that can transform lives by recognizing one simple truth: None of us live alone. By using the power of mentorship, we can learn to excel in the five critical areas of life that will bring us the most happiness and prosperity. 

There’s no magic, and the road isn’t always easy, but by living a Theory of 5 lifestyle, we can realize our best lives and make our dreams reality.