The Joined World: Worldbreaker

What do you do when the world falls apart?
Fight harder.

For a moment, Callie Cooper-Walker had it all. She’d tasted fame and enjoyed financial success, but what mattered most to her was her family — Mark, her loving husband and Margaret, the best friend she could ever imagine.

Having an angel rip them away destroyed her world.

As she desperately searches for ways to bring her loved ones back, the only path she can find looks more and more like a suicide mission. What’s worse, the only being she can turn to for help is the demon who once almost destroyed her.

Despite her best efforts, the impossible choice before her becomes clear: Is she willing to shatter everything around her to save her loved ones?

To get them back, is she willing to break the world?

Price: $10.99 (print)/$2.99 (eBook)

PublisherPilrig Street Productions

Available in: Paperback, eBook