The Joined World: Threshold

How Far Would You Go for a Friend?
How Far Should You Go?

Callie Cooper is living in the wreckage of her life. Abandoned by her fiancé and then discarded by her housemate with the mortgage looming, the situation is looking grim. Everything starts to change when her new roommate enters her life. Margaret seems to be the answer to Callie’s unspoken prayer.

Margaret has some demons of her own, though, and they’re catching up to her.

A decision to help her friend leads Callie into a bigger world than she ever dreamed possible. A world of lies, truth, unleashed memories and decisions she never imagined she’d have to face.

She also learns that sometimes the demons you should dread most are the ones you bring with you.

Price: $10.99 (print)/$2.99 (eBook)

PublisherPilrig Street Productions

Available in: Paperback, eBook