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The Joined World: Alexander

A Father’s Love Becomes a Father’s Obsession

Alexander has no desire to come to our world, but he’s on a mission. His daughter is here, and he had no intention of allowing it — no matter what she wants. He’s suffered through her willfulness on the matter once before, and he’s unwilling to do so now.

Alexander is determined to find her and bring her back.

Pity anyone who stands in his way.

The Joined World: Alexander is a prequel to The Joined World trilogy.


Lillian cover


Mother. Nurse. Warrior. Immortal.

Lillian Hendrix has worn many titles in her life — some were earned, while others were forced upon her.

She never asked to be young forever. She never knew the price she would pay for standing still in time while those around her met their fates.

She was never given the choice.

As she’s navigated her life the best she could, the weight of the years is weighing upon Lillian’s soul, if not her body. Years spent living became years spent hiding. Waiting for a fate she never imagined she would find.

And then it found her.

Lillian is a prequel to the upcoming U.S.S. Overwatch saga.


Fast 10 Cover

Fast 10

10 Images. 10 Stories. 10 Moments. 

Life is a series of moments, each one building on the one that came before. Any of those moments can change the trajectory of everything that is yet to be.

Explore a handful of these moments in Fast 10. Each story is 250 words long, but a lot can happen in an instant. Decisions can be made, words said, or actions taken — the rest of a person’s life can hinge on this one moment. 

From small moments to life-changing events, explore “what if” with Fast 10.

Fast 10 is all-new material and part of the Fast 40 series.