The Battle of Stars Hollow - Episode 1

by Tower of Technobabble | Season 7

We’re back, baby! The Tower crew is back on a new, fun, full-moon release schedule! Howl along with us and let’s all sync our cycles!

Show Notes:

Gilmore Girls Info:


Bigfoot hand unveiled, along with a bit of a meltdown:


The Repeater and The Conduit chat about the world record that both we broke and broke us:


Paul’s Wonderful new album, Medicine’s Medicine:


Dave’s Spiffy new book:

Got a question? Towerbot’s got an answer. It’ll be an awful, possibly illegal answer, but it’s an answer, dammit!

After a quick bout of identity crisis, Kentucky Slim regales us with tales from his voyage to Ireland, then the Repeater offends all our Alabama listeners recounting a trip to that state’s capital city.

This week, on the Tower of Technobabble, Science Advisor Rich renounces Science, and instead embraces the magical world of Harry Potter, the clitoris, and other magical entities. Also, the Conduit finally comes to grips with his ultimate lot in life.

Show Notes:
What’s your house, patronus and whatnot?

Sometimes You Hear the Bullet

Custom Chevy Vans of the 70s

Kentucky Slim re-reconsiders some of his past reconsiderations about aliens, and the Conduit tries to capture the zeitgeist of our times, with predictable results.

Show Notes:
Göbekli Tepe –

Billy Meier UFO Case –

The Battle of Los Angeles