The Joined World Trilogy

The Joined World: Threshold

How Far Would You Go for a Friend?

How Far Should You Go?

A decision to help her friend leads Callie into a bigger world than she ever dreamed possible. A world of lies, truth, unleashed memories and decisions she never imagined she’d have to face.

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The Joined World: Triad

Caught in the Middle.

Nowhere to Run.

No Turning Back.

When two men come into her and Margaret’s life with an unknown agenda, Callie senses that deeper world resurfacing, threatening to tear apart everything the women have worked to create.

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Fast 40: Volume 1 — Wants, Needs and Desires

40 Photos.

40 Stories.

40 Moments.

Photographs freeze moments in time that would have otherwise escaped into memory and beyond. Each photo tells a story of what was, at that moment, real. Collected here are 40 such moments.

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Fast 40: Volume 2 — Within, Without

40 Moments.

250 Words at a Time.

Life is the sum total of the moments it’s made of. A thought, an impulse, an interaction can be over in a flash but can leave its mark on everything that follows. It doesn’t take long, and yet these moments can last — or make — a lifetime.

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Fast 40: Volume 3 — The Shapes of Belief

1 Photo.

250 Words.

1 Turning Point.

Our beliefs are what define us, but what defines the things we believe? A series of moments, of experiences, of understandings and misunderstandings all go into building who we are and what we come to believe in.

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Fast 40: Scotland

A New Look at an Ancient Land

Scotland is a land that has embraced the future without losing track of what’s come before. The hopes of its people’s future play out in a country surrounded by its past — a past that offers both potential and caution.

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